Soundgarden at Buckeye Lake was quite memorable- Well worth driving to a farm in the middle of Ohio. They were excellent live. I noticed they used about 25 different guitars!!! Here is my attempt at the awesome setlist- Spoonman, Searching, Drown me, a pre-badmotorfinger song I can't recall the name of, Noose, Burden, Ty Cobb, FOBD, Rusty Cage, Waiting for the sun, Black Hole Sun, Outshined, Drawing Flies, Rhinosaur, Never Named, No attention. Very agressive crowd, huge mosh pit. I had to surf to get near the stage. In the middle of the set, Chris said "Right now I feel like you people are going to feel tomorrow- But the show must go on!" Ben messed with the crowd the entire time (spitting, hand gestures, etc.) He pointed at a fan holding up a soundgarden poster and repeatedly yelled "Burn It" while giving a cigarette lighter gesture!?!? His final words before leaving were- "F--- you and F--- Metallica!!!" Kim concluded the show by chugging a beer bottle balanced on his face.
Excellent show! I had the song list from a previous review so there were no surprises involved. The band a lot heavier than the last tour, Matt and Ben were GREAT!. The only disappointments for me were the songs they omitted, Jesus Christ Pose and Mind Riot. I thought the Solo Mind Riot on the Superunknown tour was incredible and Jesus christ Pose is just a crescendo of sound. Keep up the good work guys. Also- watch out for the Screaming Trees, as Keith Olbermann would say "they're en fuego- you can't stop them, you can only hope to contain them." See ya. Terry Bowman.
this was the first Sg show That ive been to and it was well worth the drive. Chris was really into the music even though Kim and Ben were treating it as a joke. They played Flower and no that many people responded. they opened with Spoonman and close with No Attention. They also played Drawing FLies, Rusty CAge and Rhinosaur to name a few. i cant wait till the next one.
Yeah, I know as I write this that it's now deep in the distant past, but I though I'd mention some things. As they started, both Chris' voice and the mix seemed sort of rough. I thought his comment about "I feel today how you'll all feel tommorow" refered to his voice. I forgot to, em, use the facilities (I drank about a gallon of water, which was free, while inside) before SG started, so I had to briefly leave. It seems that as I was walking away, both the voice problems and the mix problems fixed themselves (I could hear it the whole time.) Despite the problems, a great set (but I liked the show I saw in '94 more.)