Well, I see no one else has decided to write something about the show, so I'll go ahead and say that, although I still haven't recovered from the shock of actually seeing the band live (so I'm not too sure about anything), it was an amazing performance. _And_ they played "Jesus Christ Pose." My only complaint is that the set was way too short, and, considering that, they played way too many of the new songs. But, ultimately, that's such a minor point that it doesn't even matter. I also learned something last night: I had no idea Ben was so hyper on stage. I don't know if it was just this one time or if he's usually like that, but I liked it. He was jumping all over the stage... Other highlights and details about the show: a friend I was with later told me that during one of the songs she's sure she could only hear the drums and the base, even though both Chris and Kim looked like they were playing (this was close to the beginning, and at that time I was in too much of a stupor to be able to tell anything, but if this is true, it's kinda weird); the Doors cover sounded like it could've been a Metallica cover (extremely strange, but I loved it -- the guys really should have invited me on stage to do the keyboards part for them, as "Waiting for the Sun" is one of the Doors songs I can play... hmmm...); Chris unbuttoned his shirt (conversation later heard in the girls' restroom: "My dream has come true." "How?" "I've seen Chris Cornell." "He looks like shit." This I really didn't understand, so if the person who said it is reading this, please take it back!) Anyway, one of the less important pluses about the Soundgarden segment was that nobody was throwing water and soda bottles at anybody's head -- finally! It seems that I actually remember more about the show than I thought, so I'll be kind to you people and stop here.
of all the live performances I have ever seen Soundgarden's last night at the indianapolis lollapalooza was the BEST! of the many highlights,some of the coolest include a 15 minute cover of "waiting for the sun" that rivaled the original door's version,another high point was Chris Cornell's awe inspiring solo performance of "Black Hole Sun" WOW! see it if u can!!
of all the live performances I have ever seen Soundgarden's last night at Lollapalooza was THE BEST. Of the many highlights some of the coolest were the near 15 minute cover of "Waiting for the Sun" that rivaled the original Door's version! Another high point was Chris's awe inspiring solo performance of "Black Hole Sun"(made all the better by the full coke bottle that that smacked me in the head) Put simply: IT RULeD tHE UNIvErsE!!!
I not sure which came down harder, the bottles or the rain, but Soundgarden came on and after that it didn't matter. They rocked the house w/ killer versions of black hole sun, burden in my hand, and a cool cover of the Doors "Waiting fo the Sun". In short the show was INCREDIBLE! The highlight for me was running into Chris at the hotel the night before the show. Totally cool guy!
Lollapalooza at Deer Creek was my first time seeing Soundgarden and my 4th time seeing Metallica. I've always been a big SG fan, but I didn't know how they'd be able to stand up to Metallica. Well, I can honestly tell you they kicked ass! Soundgarden was definately there to rock the house and not try and over-glorify their hits. With songs like 'Rusty Cage', 'Drawing Flies' and 'Jesus Christ Pose' all played together it's no wonder Metallica seemed bland. All the new stuff they played sounded great too. I especially liked 'ty cobb' from the new CD and 'Spoonman' from Superunknown. If you're a Soundgarden fan, or just wanting to see a great show, check out Soundgarden at Lollapalooza or anywhere you may be able to see them. As for the rest of the show, it was a lot of fun. The flying bottles during the rain was too much fun. No cuts, no bruises, no problem.
It was the first time that I had ever seen Soundgarden live. They opened with "Spoonman" then I think that they started to play "Searching With My Good Eye Closed" but you couldn't hear any guitar. The problem was fixed midway through the song. Then they proceeded to play (not in order): Let Me Drown, Fell On Black Days, Pretty Noose, Burden In My Hand, Outshined, and a few other songs. The encore was "Jesus Christ Pose". Soundgarden also covered "Waiting For the Sun" and Garbage's "Only Happy When It Rains". Before covering Garbage's song, Chris said, "We come from the land of rain. This is a song by the trash can people."
Being a devoted Soundgarden fan, I have to say that the performance totally rocked, and it did, because it was also the first time I have seen them live. Chris's solo version of Black Hole Sun was a highlight for me and their performance of Outshined was also excellent. I heard many people say, to my chagrin of course, that Soundgarden sucks live. My reasoning for this is they do not appreciate Chris's unique singing style, which took a couple of songs for him to warm up his great voice.
I had seen them once before in L.A. This show was much better....GREAT BAND..ALMOST TOO POWERFUL!

In all the concerts that I have attended, Soundgarden's performance at Lolla, was with out a doubt, the most awsome performance ever. I thought that the band did a great job performing 'Rusty Cage', 'Black Hole Sun', and especailly ' Fell on Black Days'. The whole scene was really cool except for the bottle throwing bullshit, and the stupid 'Metallica' fans Booing SG. Ok I realize that they went there to see Metallica but there were alot of us who didn't. It is because of this incident that I have lost all respect for Metallica. Also I never noticed before how wide Chris Cornell's mouth opens when he sings. PS no offense to any Metallica fans out there who attended. this concert.