just got back from lolla in des moines...for a more detailed anaysis of the show from my perspective, check out the "somms mailing list" correspondence, probably for Sunday the 30th, under "grote report: DES MOINES LOLLA" Anyway, to make a long story short, it was a good, solid set. here it is, in order: spoonman, searching with my good eye closed, drown me, pretty noose, burden in my hand, never the machine forever, ty cobb, fell on black days, rusty cage, waiting for the sun (doors), black hole sun, outshined, rhinosaur, naver named and blow up the outside world. the crowd sucked...over half were there to flex their muscles and bump into people and throw freakin' cardboard pizza plates, but i looked good and appeared to be enjoying themselves for the most part until the end when pizza plates started flying. ugh. (SIDEBAR--screaming trees and ramones were also me for set details) LATER...
I just rolled into town... wiped the grime from my brow in a nice cold shower. It's now 4:27 on the A side... Been tripping hard all day at Laolalla -- pooooloooza! (VEND FACTORY) in Des Moines.. Now when I say Tripp'n.... I mean... well, I think you know what I mean... :). the only reason I'm posting this is to defend the jolly exploits of my comprades during the Sound Garden set... Wich I must add too me to a completely different place than I expect to go... (loving every minute of it.) However the previous post to this seemed to have a distaste for the pizza boards being tossed abouts.. well... let me show you through my eyes.!!!!!! I truely appreaciate you concise description of the show and play list... But tell me.. what did you feel? When I saw those simple discarded pizza cirles spiraling skyward in gental harmony with the suttle rythms of an increadable band... I saw god... You know your right... alot of people were flexing... alot of people were bumping into people... And guess what.... unlike you.. alot of people were experiencing...... Enjoy have fun and buzzy..... bee cool...

"Mayor McCheese"
First of all, a question for the lurkers: I thought there would be a ten minute version of Boot Camp to quench our thirsts. And they still rocked! "Waiting for the Sun" rocked! After being pissed off by the hordes of Metallica fans who were rude and didn't care about the music (but love to mosh), I went crowd surfing. Went over the front a couple of times. I made eye contact with Ben for at least 10 seconds (that sounds so Tiger Beat of me and I'm a guy!). I met alot of great fans who aren't on this list. Two fans I met had made the infamous "fork" like the one Chris wears around his neck. Being wholly unimpressed by Metallica fans who didn't care about soundgarden (or understand them) meeting these fans made the concert great. In fact, most of the soundgarden fans I met there seemed to be hardcore fans. In fact, although I didn't see many soundgarden t-shirts there, I saw the most as I (and many other fans) left at the start of Metallica's set. I suggest you go see soundgarden. Of course you probably will since you are reading this. You'll have to put up with rude Metallica fans who view Soundgarden as Metallica's opening act, but it's worth it, we know the truth. I hope they do a small club tour after this so I can *see* them play without needing to crowd surf (which I dispise). I also wish they would quit touring with bands like Metallica and Guns 'n Roses (sorry seth). Their fans don't understand and just want them off the stage so they can see the "big" band. However, THEY ROCKED THEY ROCKED THEY ROCKED. It was worth going into debt for.
SG came out on stage, and I could tell they knew this evening was theirs. They had a bare-bones stage show: no lights (granted, the sun was still out) and no props. Their phenomenal sound was quite enough to carry them. I hated the crowd after a mere half-song. There were WAY too many crowd surfers and people trying to push their way to the front. I hate not being able to focus on the band but have to constantly look around and make sure I am not getting knocked upside the head. I have seen better "behaved" crowds at metal concerts (and no, this was not a metal concert). Hell, I am almost got in a fight with some guy, and that has never happened before. Anyway, the set was a great one! The Doors' cover was a great surprise. Chris has a great voice, but his screaming the chorus did not seem to fit the song well, IMHO (Morrison's low, brooding tone was better). I liked Chris' solo performance of BHS, a nice touch to an otherwise overplayed song. At first the pizza cutouts during BUTOW were neat, then I started getting hit on the head by them. Did SG get hit by some of those? I could not tell. BUTOW was, surprisingly, the last song they played. They walked off stage immediately after it was done, and it seemed a little odd to close with that song. On top of that Ben politely gave us all the finger when he left, and all that made me wonder if they got hit on stage. I wished they would have played a little longer (I think they played an hour). All in all it was an awesomely tight set, and I would love to see them again on this tour. My only fear then will be having to deal with the same crowd surfing motherfuckers...Oh well, it would be for the greater glory of SG.
Wow, what a show. Living up here in Minnesota, it was a nice little road trip to go see soundgarden. I, too, was totally unimpressed by the hard core metallica people simply out to push people around and wait for their gods to take stage. But soundgarden clearly had the best performance. Chris saw the crowd and actually smiled as he greeted us: "Wow, it's just a beautiful day....except these two people, they're ugly ...and the rest of're...ugly?....I don't know..." Ben had clearly made up his mind before he came out that he would hate us, and gave us the finger multiple times. A note about the pizza had to see it, it was just amazing. During "Blow up..", the left half of the crowd began spiraling these harmless circular cardboard trays that pizza was served on...into the air. Slowly they made their way to my side on the right and when you looked up all you could see were these discs flying through the air. Coupled with the setting sun and the mood set by the song, it was among the coolest concert-going experiences I've had. But of course Ben took this as an insult and got madder. I can't help but wonder if the band thought they were in danger by these pizza trays, because the show did not quite seem to be over...
I felt I'd post a review from someone who is a Metallica fan as well as a big SG fan. I was up on the rail for all of SG and the fans up there seemed to be avid garden fans so I'd guess the reason they were up there was for SG. Anyway, Chris' first words to the crowd were "Hi, I'm from Seattle and I don't do heroin" after pausing he did add "we do have very good heroin in case your interested." Soundgarden of course kicked ass with the "sun" songs performed in a row. As far as the pizza plate incident, I think they thought it was cool at first (Chris said "beautiful" during a song) and then tired of it and was probably the reason for their early? departure, which was thie only negative of an otherwise awesome show. Oh well, I'll get to see them in dallas in two weeks anyway, maybe they'll play longer.

They where good.Chris played a solo and a few pizza discs hit me in the head also a big bag of condoms exploded next to me.One girl even flashed Soundgarden near the end of there set.
Drove 5hrs fron minneapolis to stay at a hotel with 2 preppy bitches but the show was well worth it.It was very hot but the roadies helped us on the rail by filling water bottles and wetting us down. Soundgarden rocked, but I was mad at being crushed. Other concerts were never as bad as this. You guys in IOWA need to chill and listen to the awsome tunes. Pizza plates flying around was cool. Much better than people throwing shoes and dirt. SG played a great set and thats it. Have it known that i an a bigger Metallica fan than SG,but who cares. I guess that Lolla is a cultural event with all kinds of music and all types of people. Let's chill out and enjoy the music. All the acts are great if you break your shell and inhale. And lastly, football players need to save the drills for coach. Lolla is not boxing ring. CRUNCH CRUNCH C CRUNCH
A sort of belated comment but just revisited the site because of the breakup... Anyhow, I thought it was a great oppurtunity to see Soundgarden when I had a chance. The influence derived from these guys has been tremendous. I loved the set by the way, though I would of liked to here more. Funny how Metallica could just go forever and the other groups that played seemed to be cut really short. I thought the band sensed the hostility of the foolish, aggressive assholes from my native state. For that reason I am sorry that others seemingly have to ruin it. However, it takes more then that to hold me down! Plenty loud, Plenty bass, Plenty cool! I agree, the cardboard pizza things were literally amazing. It was definitely a once in a life time experience. No less than a hundred of the things were in the air at one time for, like, ten minutes straight. Definitely worth while...

It kicked ass I loved this show. Somebody had thrown some yoga/monk crap up on stage and Chris went off on them. The pizza thing was very cool, I cant believe its already been two years since this event I just saw PJ at Alpine Valley About 2 weeks ago and Matt was playing drums with them Brian