AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHRRRRGGGGGGG!!!! I'm still high on seeing Soungarden Live for the first time. Open-aired concerts rule, and anyone who says Cornell's voice isn't up to par can eat their words when they see him live! I'm going again.
soundgarden open with "waiting for the sun"? soundgarden is the only band that did a doors cover that i liked. long live jim. soundgarden blew me away. they R O C K E D ! chris pointed out that he was happy to be there by saying: "welcome to lallaplooza with a big cock on it. this is all hit falt!" and pointed at kim. killer show - they were the best! and the only reason we went in the first place
OH MY GOD...what else can i say but Soundgarden KICKED ASS!!! I was in the front row and in a total daze from the time they came out to right this very moment. There wasn't a single imperfection in the whole show and Cornell's solo version of "Black Hole Sun" left me with my jaw dropped open in amazement. Chris's voice was perfect, he was perfect and whole band just first soundgarden experience was definately one to be remembered.
When I first heard "Ty Cobb" I thought If they play this it will sound really cool. And I was right It Sounded EXCELLENT!!! I'm gald I went to Lolla.. I was totally blown away by the perforamance... If they ever come back to Kansas I will definatly be there!!
Soundgarden kicked ass at LOLLA! Opening with "WAITING FOR THE SUN" by Doors, set the mood for the rest. The whole crowd was really into it beacuase it ROCKED!

HELLO! You guys where good at the statge!!

Well, all I can say is that BEN RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! his fucking hyperness drove the show, after his monster riffs, and his swinging his bass, it just blew me away.Kim was on, mastering the thrashed SG,Matt was on, and Chris's solo perormance was perfect.Other good hits were "Pretty Noose" and "Burden in my hand"