Johnny Cash, "Rusty Cage" CD5 cover 29,618
Johnny Cash, "Rusty Cage" CD5 back cover 66,003
Crew Access, Del Mar Fairgrounds, 11/30/96 47,094
1997 Christmas card 50,618
Setlist, Big Day Out, Melbourne, 1/25/97 95,453
Poster, Soundgarden/Rocket From The Crypt/Pond at Del Mar Fairgrounds 102,563
Poster, Soundgarden/Screaming Trees/Tad at the Moore 57,771
Kim's Guild S-100, Guitar World Magazine, 3/97 24,913
Chris' autographed guitar at the Hard Rock, Las Vegas 82,335
Painting from Entertainment Weekly Magazine, date unknown 79,264
Fan club calling card 68,980
Metal Soundgarden pin 41,609
Soundgarden bottle opener 21,717
Kim Thayil signature guitar pick 43,986
Chris Cornell signature guitar pick 43,258
Chris Cornell signature guitar pick 12,684
Official Soundgarden Dealer sticker 56,369
Poster, Soundgarden/Helltrout/Fitz Of Depression at the Capitol Theatre 86,301
Poster, Soundgarden/Faith No More/Terry Lee Hale at the Central 61,273
Poster, Soundgarden/Feast at the Vogue 91,868
Poster, Soundgarden/Pearl Jam in Houston, 7/21/93 103,588
Poster, Soundgarden/Malfunkshun/My Eye at the Central 92,132
Soundgarden Rocktoon [Courtesy of Rocktoons Image Library] 88,185
Kim Thayil's questionnaire responses (Hard Force, 5/94) 51,589
Soundgarden's 1996 Christmas card 61,214
Set list/ticket stub from Seattle, 12/17/96 105,699
Map of Barcelona, Spain, autographed by Soundgarden and Moby 198,939
Rockview Interview CD cover 108,292
Launch CD-ROM magazine cover 124,114
Into The Upside: A&M promo interview CD: cover 112,813
Into The Upside: A&M promo interview CD: back cover 69,108
Chris' and Kim's guitars (Guitar World, 10/95) 66,493
United States dollar bill autographed by Chris 91,352
Louder Than Live home video: cover 81,615
Tour poster by Frank Kozik 63,704
Motorvision home video: cover 145,959
Set list from Tampa, Florida, 2/3/90 (photocopy) 41,862
Set list from Atlanta, Georgia, date unknown (photocopy) 35,930
Soundgarden/Voivod concert ad, 2/3/90 (photocopy) 198,205
Soundgarden/Voivod concert ad, 2/3/90 (photocopy) 104,606
Guitar World Magazine, 5/94: cover 118,686
Flyer for a show at Olympia's Capitol Theatre 94,122
1995 Seasons Greetings card 127,054
Soundgarden guitar contest, 1990 73,210
The Sound Garden sculpture in Seattle 10,330
The Sound Garden sculpture [photo by Deb Servey] 30,199
The Sound Garden sculpture [photo by Deb Servey] 30,006
The Sound Garden sculpture [photo by Deb Servey] 31,489
The Sound Garden sculpture [photo by Curtis Page] 21,247
The Sound Garden sculpture [photo by Curtis Page] 25,372
The Sound Garden sculpture [photo by Curtis Page] 21,010
Soundgarden Superholidays card 43,483
Soundgarden logo sticker 42,815
Soundgarden Valentine's Day card 49,184
Soundgarden Seasons Greetings card (front) 91,828
Soundgarden Seasons Greetings card (inside) 100,643
Soundgarden Christmas ornament 44,931
Soundgarden Christmas card (front) 82,885
Greetings for all holidays from Soundgarden 80,948
Postcard: Jesus Christ Pose 85,938
Lollapalooza 1992: Soundgarden and Pearl Jam 68,635
Superuninterview: A&M promo CD cover 133,104
Soundgarden/Reverend Horton Heat: tour artwork [poster by Coop] 173,833
Autographed poster: Soundgarden/Pearl Jam concert 47,584
Autographed poster: Superunknown cover 47,408