Andrew Snodgrass' Soundgarden icons [ZIP: 22,387] include one color and one greyscale icon of each band member and one icons of the Badmotorfinger wheel as seen in the CD+.

Russell Morris' Windows 95 icons and cursors pack [ZIP: 48,070] is a great collection of goodies. The pack includes animated Badmotorfinger wheel cursors (Badmotorcursors) as well as 16- and 256-color icons depicting the covers of Badmotorfinger, Superunknown, and Down On The Upside (and Rage Against The Machine's last two albums and Tool's Undertow). The 256-color icons work with any non-paletted video card (that is, at least 15-bit color) and both include 32x32, 48x48, and 64x64 pixel sizes. Detailed information and installation instructions are included.

By request, I've made available Windows and Macintosh wallpaper. For Windows, 24-bit BMP files; for Macintosh, PICT files.

  • an embossed version of the "wheel" on the cover of Badmotorfinger, designed to tile on 1024x768 desktops. [Windows: ZIP: 36,445] [Macintosh: SEA: 62,221]

  • a modified version of the Ultramega OK title, designed to be centered on a medium grey (RGB 128,128,128) desktop. [Windows: ZIP: 329,752] [Macintosh: SEA: 489,487]

There is a Soundgarden Windows 95 theme [ZIP: 3,188,858], to be used with the Microsoft Plus Pack. I don't have Plus, so I can't give you all the details, but as far as I can tell, there's nothing in here that's all that great, so download it at your own risk. You might be better off collecting your own favorite images and sounds and making your own theme.

Also, I found a 128x128 (I think) PPAT of Chris Cornell, made especially for tiling on Mac desktops. In order to use it, you should be using some kind of desktop pattern manager, such as Before Dark. This file crashed Before Dark when I tried it on a PowerMac 6100/66, but I didn't really do any troubleshooting, so it will probably work if you try hard enough.

  • greyscale image of Chris Cornell, 128x128 PPAT [Macintosh: SEA: 42,160]

Finally, I found a Superunknown icon [SEA: 27,081] that someone made. To implement it, put the extracted file in some folder, click on it once, choose File->Get Info, click on the icon in the upper left, and choose Edit->Copy. Then close the info window. Find the file for which you'd like to use the icon, do a Get Info on it, click on the icon in the upper left, and choose Edit->Paste. Close the info window and you should be all set.