Screaming Life/Fopp: cover 90,693
Screaming Life/Fopp: cover (black and white) 30,509
Screaming Life/Fopp: band photo 12,325
Screaming Life/Fopp: Hiro Yamamoto 22,018
Screaming Life/Fopp: Chris Cornell 15,943
Screaming Life/Fopp: Chris Cornell 22,817
Ultramega OK: cover 55,139
Ultramega OK: Matt Cameron, Kim Thayil, Hiro Yamamoto 13,425
Ultramega OK: vinyl insert (same as above w/logo) 110,208
Louder Than Love: cover 59,027
Louder Than Love: band photo 13,740
Louder Than Love: center of 12" vinyl 97,019
Louder Than Love: prerelease picture CD 28,079
Louder Than Love: magazine advertisement 110,308
Louder Than Love: Alternative Press advertisement (photocopy) 142,030
Louder Than Love: explicit lyrics warning 35,472
Badmotorfinger: cover 97,021
Badmotorfinger: wooden box: cover 57,827
Badmotorfinger: band photo 109,152
Badmotorfinger/SOMMS: band photo 42,158
Badmotorfinger: promo cigarette lighter 30,679
Badmotorfinger: magazine advertisement (+ Temple Of The Dog) 114,545
Superunknown: cover 34,226
Superunknown: orange vinyl: side 1 42,083
Superunknown: orange vinyl: side 4 41,329
Superunknown: vinyl: sleeve 71,791
Superunknown: magazine advertisement 82,267
Down On The Upside: cover 131,069
Down On The Upside: back cover 140,115
Down On The Upside: insert photo 75,352
Down On The Upside: CD 134,205
Down On The Upside: promo poster 53,974
Down On The Upside: promo postcard 62,454
Down On The Upside: prerelease sampler: cover 54,161
Down On The Upside: UK playback laminate 39,269