The Music of Matt Cameron

As you probably well know, Matt has written a bunch of songs for Soundgarden and participated in all kinds of side projects. Do you have a favorite? Is there a drum part that Matt plays that really grabs you? Do you stare in amazement when you see him play? Songs for which Matt has written the music (and sometimes the lyrics, too) include "He Didn't," "Room A Thousand Years Wide," "Drawing Flies," "Mailman," "Fresh Tendrils," "Rhinosaur," and "Applebite." In addition, he co-wrote music for songs such as "New Damage," "Limo Wreck," and "Jesus Christ Pose." Well, it's his birthday, so this is the time to share your feelings about Matt's work and its effect on you.

Pick a song or one of Matt's side projects below to write about (it's the "subject" of your message), fill in your email address and name if you want, and tell everyone about it. If you want, you can read other people's comments.


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