The Matt Cameron Trivia Quiz...

Test your knowledge of utterly useless Matt Cameron trivia. If you thought the quizzes that appeared here for Chris Cornell's and Ben Shepherd's birthday were stupid, you haven't seen anything yet. Most (or all) of the answers can be found somewhere within this website. If you answer all of the questions correctly, you get to add your name to the Winners' Circle.

1. Before Soundgarden, Matt played in which band?
Junk Yard
Skin Yard
Back Yard
Rights Of The Accused
None of the above

2. Matt made his recorded musical debut on which soundtrack?

Avenging Disco Godfather
Dirty Dancing
Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes
Killer Tomatoes Eat France
None of the above

3. Matt uses which brand of drumsticks?

Vic Firth
None of the above

4. Which Soundgarden song is admittedly based on a drum part Matt invented?

Sub Pop Rock City
Never The Machine Forever
Show Me
Jesus Christ Pose
None of the above

5. Matt had a guest appearance on which song?

Alice In Chains' "Right Turn"
Seaweed's "Magic Mountainman"
Willie Nelson's "Time Of The Preacher"
The Presidents' "Naked And Famous"
None of the above

6. Matt replaced whom as Soundgarden's drummer?

Scott Sundquist
Chris Cornell
Daniel House
Hiro Yamamoto
None of the above

7. Matt plays in which jazz band as a side project?

Free Wave
Murph and the Magictones
Tone Dogs
Motley Crue
None of the above

8. Yeah, but which other jazz band includes Matt?

Lobby 7
The Nothingmen
Motel 6
None of the above

9. Where was Matt on Sunday, November 3, 1996?

New York, New York
Salt Lake City, Utah
Park Forest, Illinois
Los Angeles, California
None of the above

10. Which of Matt's friends added a percussion track to "Head Down"?

Steve Russell Jr.
Stuart Hallerman
Gregg Keplinger
Tommy Lee
None of the above