The Ben Shepherd Trivia Quiz...

Test your knowledge of utterly useless Ben Shepherd trivia. If you thought the quiz that appeared here for Chris Cornell's birthday was stupid, you haven't seen anything yet. Most (or all) of the answers can be found somewhere within this website. If you answer all of the questions correctly, you get to add your name to the Winners' Circle.

1. Before Soundgarden, Ben had what occupation?
Customer service representative
None of the above

2. Ben proposed the addition of a Native American Chief's letter to which Soundgarden cover?

Come Together
Girl U Want
Into The Void
Thank You (Falletin Me Be Mice Elf Agnin)
None of the above

3. What is Ben's real first name? (come on people, if you don't get this one...)

None of the above

4. The title for which Soundgarden song comes from something Ben said to Kim Thayil?

Sub Pop Rock City
Never The Machine Forever
Show Me
H.I.V. Baby
None of the above

5. Ben's brother Henry is connected with Soundgarden in what way?

Directed "Burden In My Hand" video
Directed "Nightsurf" short film
Co-produced Superunknown
Engineered Ultramega OK
None of the above

6. Ben was the backup touring guitarist for which other Seattle band?

Pearl Jam
None of the above

7. Ben's first bid to join Soundgarden was denied. Who beat him out for the job?

Hiro Yamamoto
Justin Nicholls
Jason Everman
Jerry Casale
None of the above

8. When not playing bass for Soundgarden, Ben can found playing guitar in which band?

March Of Crimes
None of the above

9. Ben was born where?

Okinawa, Japan
Seattle, Washington
Park Forest, Illinois
Los Angeles, California
None of the above

10. For which song did Ben write the music when he was only 16 years old?

Ty Cobb
Never Named
None of the above