Reprinted without permission from New Musical Express, June 20, 1992


"Material World" is a section of New Music Express. The theory is that this is a survey that Kim Thayil filled out. Chris also filled in one of these surveys but the magazine wouldn't print it, said it was "oh so funny" (sarcastically) and offered it as a prize to someone.

Where are you and what are the vibes like?
Paris. I don't play vibes, I play guitar.

What was the last thing you ate?
Crow. No, seriously, baby harp seal.

What was the last video you rented?
_I Spit on your Grave_ deluxe uncut version.

What was the last good book you read?
The accompanying libretto to the above.

Fave political figure.
Pope John Paul II, emperor of the third world.

What tv shows do you try not to miss?
News, sport and weather.

What was the first record you ever heard?
"Around the World with Alvin and the Chipmunks"

What sports are you good at?
Baseball. World league onanism.

What political figures do you most despise?
European monarchs.

Fave cities
US cities.

Fave cuisine
US microwave

Most embarrassing records in your collection
British punk and other Euro rock.

Punchline to fave joke
"We anticipate German re-unification"

Fave journeys
Steve Perry and Neil Schon

Name three great songwriting partnerships
Chris and Ben, Matt and Kim, Chris and Matt and Kim and Ben

What are your virtues?
Can still sleep during re-runs of World War Two

And your vices?
Giggling during re-runs of World War Two

Fave historical characters
The Rolling Stones

Who should replace Bill Wyman in the Stones?
A bass player

Worst lyric ever heard?
"We Are the World"

Who's overrated?

Who's underrated?

Who's sexy?
That's what I ask

What scares you?
Techno and other Euro dance crazes

What bores you?
Techno and other Euro dance crazes (Plenty of planes back to America, Mr No Tunes - Ed)

Can you quote a line of poetry?

Fave ABBA record
The one they never recorded

Where would you like to retire to?
My bed

When were you last drunk?
What time is it?

What was the last dream you can remember?
Last night's

Fave goth records
Killing Joke. "In the Flat Field" - Bauhaus

Three records guaranteed to make you dance
Fuck you

What can you cook?
Other than endangered species? Pop Tarts

Most irritating adverts on Tv
Women's cosmetics and accessories

Where do you go to chill out?

What was the last great record you heard?
"Spine of God" - Monster Magnet

Fave Nirvana Record
The great one they're going to make

Get it over with