Reprinted without permission from Melody Maker, September 2, 1995

by "NK"

If I were a Kerrang journo I'd write about Soundgarden coming on just as the darkness shrouds the black vistas of Berkshire in its devilish clasp. Then I'd start wondering about what kinda squiggly line to crown my review with. Fortunately I'm not, Soundgarden f***en' rock and, as ever, the supposed dark, downer vibe you're meant to associate with this band just falls away and melts through the plain beauty of their music. Maaan. "Black Hole Sun" doesn't work for me as a depresso-anthem, rather it's the kind of stately, gorgeous song I could imagine Come making. "Let Me Drown" says f*** all to me about f*** all but it's bangin' boogie-funk of the highest order.

"Superunknown" itself is just in another gear, another sphere of dynamics to every other heavy rock band extant. Oh, please, let the day end on this perfect note.