Reprinted without permission from Melody Maker, April 19, 1997


Soundgarden have split amid rumours of in-fighting and ill will. A statement issued by the band's label A&M claimed the spit was "amicable". However, The Maker understands that the band have been at loggerheads for the last year. Their decision to split followed a massive argument at the Blaisdell Arena in Honolulu on Februaty 9.

Insiders on Soundgarden's US tour last year, which included several Lollapalooza dates, say the band usually travelled on separate tour buses and flights.

Much of the discord is said to revolve around bassist Matt Shepherd's behaviour. At a hater gig at Seattle's OK Hotel last Hallowe'en, Shepherd jumped offstage and punched someone he thought was heckling him. The heckler turned out to be Daniel House, head of C/Z Records and the person who gave Soundgarden one of their first breaks.

Shepherd is said to have already joined Devilhead and is at work with them on demos for their third studio album which is due to be released on Stone Gossard's Loose Groove label later this year. It's not known what the other three members of Soundgarden plan to do. Guitarist Kim Thayil recently guested on Pigeonhed's new record The Full Sentence, and drummer Matt Cameron was in Hater with Shepherd.