Reprinted without permision from Livewire, Vol. 5, #11


Chris Cornell and crew hard at work in Seattle recording new album

Soundgarden are currently recording the follow-up to their mega-successful Superunknown disc, and while no tracks are set as yet, it looks to be possibly be the band's finest work to date. The sessions are taking place at a Seattle studio owned by Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard and, frontman and all-around cool guy Chris Cornell, things are working out even better than hoped. "This album's been way faster and easier, he explains. "There's no expectations like 'oh shit, we don't have a hit record, our label's going to drop us.' There's always a certain amount of pressure, but at this stage it wouldn't matter because we'd just go and sign a huge deal with another label."

Clearly, success has given Soundgarden the oppurtunity to do things their way, as it should be. "We've always done demos and then we'd make a record and spend the whole time trying to capture the essence of the demo," Chris comments. "It seems really stupid that way."

With the chance to record the album they want, Chris and his fellow Soundgarden members (guitarist Kim Thayil; bassist Ben Sheppard; and drummer Matt Carmeron) are progressing nicely in the studio, although they still have no song titles other than a new track called "An Unkind." Producing themselves, the band is taking full charge of the musical direction and fans can expect to hear the outcome sooner than one might expect. "We've just started, but we're working at an incredibly faster pace than our last couple of records."

Perhaps making a wry observation on the usual generalization that most Seattle musicians are alcoholics and junkies, guitarist kim Thayil has a different take, however, on the reason for Soundgarden's speedy work ethic: "Most bands do drugs in the studio," he comments. "We do crossword puzzles!"