Reprinted without permission from Livewire, May 1996


No, you wont have to hear Seattle grunge vocal god Chris Cornell belting out Gloria Gaynor hits anytime soon. "Karaoke" is the title of a song on the much-anticipated new Soundgarden album, which deals with what the band feels to be a lack of originality in music today.

"Following a formula is what seems to be successful right now," says Cornell. "It's about how loads of bands are imitating bands that already exist." Soundgarden are currently working at Pearl Jam's guitarist's Stone Gossard's Litho Studios in Seattle on the follow-up to Superunknown. Some of the tracks are likely to include: "Ty Cobb", "Christi", "Blow Up The Outside World", "Boot Camp", "Apple Bite", "Zero Chance," and others. Look for it in April or in May, if all goes well.

While we're on the Soundgarden subject, Chris Cornell had some interesting comments on the break-up of Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie. "That fucking guy makes me want to puke," said the Soundgarden frontman." Couldn't agree more...