Reprinted without permission from KERRANG!, September 7, 1996


The ultimate questions on life, sex and cack dancing. This week, Chris Cornell of Soundgarden talks to Morat.

Last time you travelled by public transport?

CC: It would be about three years ago, when I was riding mountain bikes with my friend Eric. We live in West Seattle, and there's a bridge that goes there. But a boat had hit the bridge and knocked it out, so there was a shuttle service to take you over. We took a city bus, which doesn't take bicycles, and I complained to the driver for about half-an-hour about taking the bicycles. I can't believe that I actually remember the last time I used public transport.

Last time you got really drunk?

CC: The last night we mixed "Down On The Upside". We were up till six in the morning mixing the last song, and I was too drunk to hear it. I was just about to start changing everything and everyone else was saying it sounded good. I was thinking, 'Okay, let's have another beer then!'

Last time you went inside a church?

CC: I just went into this little church in Hawaii that was the first missionaries' church over there. They had the story of how the Christians came over there and forced everyone into their religion. They talked about how great these people were, cos they helped all the natives recover from all the diseases they'd got from all the white people who came over. If they'd stayed away in the first place...

Last good film you saw?

CC: That'd be 'Leaving Las Vegas'. Nicholas Cage manages to be a dramatic actor and a comedy actor at the same time. So it's about this guy who loses his wife and moves to Los Vegas to drink himself to death, and somehow he makes it funny.

Last time you danced in a club?

CC: That would be on the Australian 'Big Day Out' tour. We went to a bar and the highly effeminate Urge Overkill were being very critical of the fact that we were too macho to dance. But then as soon as we got up and started dancing, they started making fun of us. I think they had that in mind all along.

Last time you wanted something you couldn't have?

CC: I didn't want to wake up this morning, but I had to. Otherwise, being a rich and successful rock star, I can have anything I want. World peace? I can have that, but I have to be a politician first and get everyone to believe my rhetoric. If all the policians in the world got stoned and mellow, they'd stop bombing each other and start buying pastries and candy.

Last time you went to a gig?

CC: That's a hard one. The last one I remember, I didn't wanna go and see the band. My friend, who works for a record company, told me if I got really drunk I wouldn't mind. But I got there and the band was trying to be exactly like Pearl Jam. I got really mad and started shouting stuff at them.

Last time you got in a fight?

CC: I can't talk about those kind of things, cos it comes back and haunts me in the form of litigation. We've been through a few horrible legal problems with various members of the band supposedly getting in altercations. When I was a kid, I'd get in fights all the time. Now, little smart-assed kids can walk down the street and give you shit, and you can't stomp them in case they shoot you.

Last time you did something embarrassing onstage?

CC: It's usually something I say. You say something that you think people will remember or think is cool, and they just look at you like, 'Idiot, just play a song!'.

Last place you went on holiday to?

CC: Hawaii

How long can you last?

CC: Two litres or 15 minutes.