Reprinted without permission from Metal Hammer, December 1991

by James Sherry

Not only do Soundgarden have a rather excellent new LP available, titled Badmotorfinger, they're about to embark on a two month trek of America with one particularly famous rock band. Yet another chance for the grungier side of rock'n'roll to reach a wider audience. Vocalist Chris Cornell explains what's going on.

"At the moment, we're just rehearsing and getting our shit together for this tour - it should be well underway by the time this appears."

Ahh, is that what I think it is?

"Yep, it sure is!"

It's not often that a band like Soundgarden gets to tour with a certain band who've recently released two albums titled Use Your Illusions!

"It's really exciting but a little bit nerve wracking! We've never done anything this gigantic before."

And it's an opportunity that can't be missed.

"Yeah, you're right! It feels really great that they chose us. The band members actually chose us; it wasn't a management coup, or a record label, it was all down to the band."

Your average rock fan, who will go to see Guns 'N' Roses might be a bit stunned by the band's style. What kind of reaction are you anticipating?

"I think they'll be able to appreciate it. I have this feeling that they're going to be pretty one-sided about who they've come to see, obviously. I dunno, I sincerely hope that they get what we're doing.I don't think it's too far over their heads, but whatever, it should be interesting!"

Now that Soundgarden have hit what could be called 'total mainstream success', with this tour, the deal with A&M and press coverage throughout, things have obviously changed a lot for the band.

"We didn't want to come off as being this real slick rock machine, when we signed to A&M. We wanted to keep our roots somewhat intact, without going overboard. So we didn't want to have a real abrupt change when we did go to A&M. We just want to keep growing and not take too big of a step right away. You know, everything's going according to plan as far as our growth rate and how we're progressing."

With all that under Soundgarden's belts, the addition of a movie appearance, created by Cameron Crowe, can only add to their rock c.v.!

"It's gonna be a sweet boy meets girl, boy gets girl kinda movie, but it's called Singles and it's filmed up here in Seattle, and we have a part in the movie where we're playing in a club, so it wasn't much of a stretch for us as actors!"

Do you have any spoken parts in it at all?

"No not at all, thank God!"

Why, 'thank God'?

"No, I have absolutely no interest in acting; acting to me is just the low-rung of the artist ladder, as far as I'm concerned!"