Reprinted without permission from Guitar World, December 1997

by Jeff Gilbert

Fans distraught over the abrupt demise of Soundgarden earlier this year can now dry their grungy tears-- a 16-track "best of" compilation by the Seattle grunge juggernaut is due to hit the streets just in time for the Christmas season.

"Each of the band's members made up a list of songs they'd want to see included on the album," says guitarist Kim Thayil. "It'll be a sort of retrospective of our A&M stuff, from Louder Than Love through Down On the Upside. We may throw in one b-side called Bleed Together, from the Upside sessions, as a bonus track."

The band is still undecided on the title of the package, but Thayil has a few ideas. "I wouldn't mind calling it The Beast of Soundgarden," he offers.

Given the staggering wealth of Soundgarden material recorded over their 12-year career, it shouldn't come as too much a surprise that the band is also planning a follow-up compilation comprised of live performances, B-sides and alternate takes for release sometime in 1998.

"We plan to gather up all the various odds and ends-- including rare European, Japanese and Australian releases-- and put them in one package," says Thayil. "In total, it'll probably consist of approximately 40 songs."