Reprinted without permission from Guitar World, March 1991

by Kim Thayil, told to Jeff Gilbert

It was 1978 and I was in a band that I started, Bozo and His Vast Army of Pinheads. We played in front of about five hundred people at a year-end fundraiser/talent show, held by the alternative school I went to. I played an Encore Stratocaster copy, and we did the Ramones' "Pinhead", the Sex Pistols' "God Save the Queen", and "Submission" and "Mongoloid" by Devo. We also did some originals, including "Bureaucracy in the U.S", "If I Were A Bomb, I'd Explode In Your Face", "Plastic Love" and "TV Clones".

I was very nervous because there were teachers and parents, and my friends from the school. The audience response was "You guys are pretty good for that kind of music, punk rock and all". But our band didn't seem to like it. We played well, but the band was comprised of people who weren't into punk rock - except for me. I had long hair like a Ramone. I wore sunglasses and a black derby bowler. And I wore a blue jeans jacket. I was a fucking Ramone!